What clothing products you can manufacture?

Our major product is Denim Jeans. Meanwhile, we also provide including but not limited to Shirts, Blouses, Shorts, Pants, Skirts, Dresses, Jackets, Coats, Overalls, Jumpsuits. As long as your line is for clothing, contact us and we can produce for you.


What is your production MOQ?

Our MOQ is as low as 50 pcs per construction/colorway/size for most item of clothes, such as woven and knit blouses, dresses, bottoms or others.

For denim items, our MOQ is 300 pcs per construction/wash within 6 sizes.


What is lead time for development and production?

General leadtime as below:
*45-90 days for development
*30-60 days for production (base on stocked fabric yardages and basic style and simple pre-production process)
*Additional 30-45 days for custom fabrics yardages

We also have quicker turnaround solutions if customer asks for. Let's get connection!